In our online store you will see some of the most beautiful butterflies we use, in our frames and butterfly jewelry: #Troides #oblogomaculatus #papuensis,  #Rhetus dysoni colorful butterfly, #Salamis temora & parhassus,  #Perpona, #Papilio #Ulysses, Papilio Arcturus, #Panacea Prola, Red Flasher, #Napoles jucunda, #Morpho sulkowskyi pearl butterfly, #Metamorpha dido,  #Morpho Menelaus,  #Idea leucone (Paper Kite), #Heliconius charitonius #Florida State Butterfly, #Graphium Weiski, # Euxanthe trajanus, Danaus plexippus, #Monarch,  Cymothoe sangaris, Caligo #Owl Butterfly, Batesia hypochlora, Glass Wings, Urania ripheus, # Hummingbird sphinx #moth #Hemaris diffinis, Lyssa zampa, Dsphania #militaris, Eterusia repleta, Attacus #atlas #Titan Moth

Here are some of the most sought after #insects, #beetles and #arthropods arranged in #collectors display frames and jewelry: # Chalcosoma caucasus (#Rhinocerous Beetle), Chrysina resplendens, #Goliath goliathus #African Beetle, Acrocinus longimanus, #Dicronorrhina derbyana layardi, #Sternocera aquisignat, Amblypyga, phryna grossetaitai, #Charon grayi, #Giant Walking Stick Insect, #Dragonhead - Acridoxena hewiana, Scolopendra subspinipes, Pampobetheus antinous, #scorpions, #spiders,

Environmental Statement:

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We carry a large selection of museum quality amazing insects, spiders, scorpions and bugs. Check out our cool computer mice, insect earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.

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Do you want to buy butterfly jewelry? Have you ever seen an Ornithoptera croesus? How about a Luna moth, giant scorpion, Helicopter damselfly? Having trouble finding just the right look unique gift for someone you love or for your home?  We have 30 years experience making the high quality custom designed real insect and butterfly arrangements in beautifully hand crafted collection display frames. All Frames and arrangements are made in the USA. We are one of the few businesses licensed to sell these most gorgeous butterfly, moth, and insect specimens from places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Peru, Madagascar, literally from all around the earth using only the most accepted farming methods, see our environmental statement below. Best of all, shop with confidence using our secure friendly check out or call us with your order.


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Including "Custom Made" in USA. Beautiful decorations for your home, school or office! Real butterflies and insects you love in a frame or buy Real insects, moths, or butterfly art in frames already made, they make awesome gifts.

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Amazing & Beautiful Butterflies is an environmentally conscious company. Most of our Butterflies and Insects are raised in small local butterfly farms all over the world. This helps to preserve valuable rainforest habitat, because raising insects to sell provides income to these areas and offers an alternative to slash and burn farming or logging, thus preserving tropical forests. Another side effect of Butterfly farming has been “Eco-tourism”, which further preserves valuable habitat. Habitat destruction is the main threat to our natural environment, and Butterfly farming helps preserve the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, we believe catching and using butterflies from the wild is not only uneconomical, but the specimens are invariably damaged and of no use for this type of art.

Our displays convey and show off the beauty and diversity of insects and hopefully encourage people, particularly the younger generation, to realize how important it is to preserve Natural areas and the beautiful creatures within them. No butterflies or insects used in these displays are endangered species. All are legally imported into the US as regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Department. This makes our butterfly displays the perfect environmentally friendly gift for teachers, scientists, such as entomologist, private collectors, and anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty of butterflies.