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We design your ideas with our most unique custom made lamps, domes, frames and individually designed insect displays. We can create a butterfly lamp light just for you, or a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. We can color match your furniture, your space or build something containing your favorite Butterflies. We also work with interior designers from all over the country to achieve custom showcases. In the slideshow on the left you will see some of our hand crafted spectacular items.

These items are too fragile to ship, we can either deliver them to you if you live within a certain radius, or we can meet you along our route to a show location. Alternately, you are welcome to pick your item up at our permanent location or at a show. To get started ordering your custom item simply contact us by phone, by E-mail or by filling out the contact form below. We look forward to working with you. Let’s create something Amazing & Beautiful together!

Customize a computer mouse

At Amazing and Beautiful Butterflies we sell quality optical computer mice. The mouse works with both  mac and pc computers Windows OS. They come wired or wireless that can be customized with not only your organizations logo, also we design what you want within the clear dome area of the computer mouse (where rose is located) which associates with your company, school mascot or organization.


Real Butterfly Gifts, Insect & Butterfly Jewelry, Butterflies in Frames, Computer Mouse Collection of marine life, scorpions, & beetles.                                         Call us today 904-291-4990

Custom lamps are designed with fine wood top and base and clear acrylic sides for displaying beautiful real butterflies of your choice, most lamps are approx 24in tall. Domes come in three sizes. Frames come in several sizes. All showcasing a natural nature setting.