30 years of Butterfly Collecting and insect collections all started from a hobby. I started collecting Insects when I was eight, and my fascination continued all the way through college and into adulthood.  Today, my husband who is a wood worker, and I as an entomologist work together. We have our own shop where we produce museum qualtiy custom displays filled with gorgeous picture perfect real butterflies from around the world. I also mount and display fascinating real insects, spiders and scorpions from all over the world. We expanded our business to include other insect items, like butterfly jewelry, insect keychains with bugs in them, and earrings containing real scorpions, just to name a few things. We also carry a quality durable designer computer mouse collection containing all kinds of real critters, from sea creatures to scorpions to rhinosaus beetles, antler beetles, and other bugs. Each computer mouse is different and unique from any other computer mice on the market today. The best part is - they work really well. Browse through our website and enjoy the huge variety of items we have in stock! Let us make a custom butterfly dome or butterfly lamp for you today.

1. The butterflies are shipped to us folded up and dried in small envelopes.

2. We then have to place them into a special softening solution for several days so they can be handled without breakage:

History of Amazing and Beautiful Butterflies 

by owner Katja Hilton.

3. After the Butterflies are soft, they can be handled with tweezers only. Any touch to their wing could cause damage to their color by removing the fragile color scales that cover the wings. The Butterflies need to be mounted out on boards that will let them dry in the final shape used in our art work.

Watch our How to videos and start your own insect collection.

Learn how to mount out butterflies using a mounting board and insect pins. We are mounting a blue Morpho butterfly and a Papilio Blumei butterfly in the right video, on the left  I am showing how to use the softening solutions on tarantulas, giant grasshoppers and other arthropods.

4. We then hand make all of our frames and lamp bases. Every pieces is museum quality mounted, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for decades.

How we make our Insect Frames, Domes and Lamps


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Not sure about mounting or framing your own bug collection. Consider purchasing an insect or butterfly that is already in mounted and framed. We have a large collection of the most amazing insects and beautiful butterflies just waiting for a home.

Most of our Butterflies and Insects are farm raised on small local farms located all over the world. This helps to preserve valuable rainforest habitat. It gives local people income, and helps preserve their tropical forests. Another side effect of Butterfly farming has been “Eco-tourism”, which further preserves valuable habitat.

No butterflies or insects used in these displays are endangered species. All are legally imported into the US as regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Department. This makes our butterfly displays the perfect environmentally friendly gift for teachers, scientists, private collectors, and anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty and diversity of Butterflies and Insects.