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An Entomologist dream. Better than pictures of butterflies how about decorating your house with real butterflies! Our insects and butterflies are display ready for collectors, they are in sealed archival museum quality frames. Did you know you can even buy a spider like the "Harry Potter" Spider in the movies. All types displays with fun designs.

Buy a Real Butterfly Necklaces and earrings, Butterfly Wing Jewelry, Colorful Beetles, Real Scorpion Jewelry, Insect Bracelets. Awesome colorful butterfly jewelry, insect bug jewelry and scorpion items, sold individually or mix and match sets of earrings, silver color necklaces. The scorpion can be found in many of our selections!

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Insect Key Chain Collection

Whether your looking for a pretty key chain or awesome one, the scorpion, beetle and butterflies make a gift. All Keychains contain real bugs and butterfly specimens. Shop all key chains in this category.